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Wuby = Ruby Web Framework for Classic ASP Developers

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Remember the days when you could just create a page for your web site that contained valid HTML and some server-side stuff between the <% %> symbols?  PHPers know what I’m talking about.  They still do it, except they use those other ASP-like symbols.  Now, ASP.NET allows us to do a little of that, but its frowned upon as poor coding practices if you use it too much.  Ruby on Rails allows it too, but only in the context of the views.  Since the views are display only, there is a pretty good balance of server-side code and browser-speak (HTML, Css, and JS).

We ASP.NETers can appreciate the MVC framework as well as the ASP.NET way of creating web applications.  But, oh how I feel nostalgic when I want to create a very simple page that needs a little bit of server-side treatment to work.  Between you and me, I sometimes revert back to classic ASP for this very reason.  Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Well, the good news is Wuby!  Wuby has finally been released into the wild for your enjoyment.  Wuby is a web server and hash-based database engine that allows web developers to use Ruby on the server-side to create sites using the <% %> delimiters.  Yay for us!

Here’s a link:

Check for screencasts on how to use this framework.  Alternatively, you can check back here as I plan to create a screencast myself in the near future.


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October 31, 2007 at 2:22 pm

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