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To whom it may concern

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For the last four years, this country has been governed by an African-American president. A little more than four years ago, (soon-to-be) President Barack Obama excited a large variety of citizens of this country – particularly, the citizens that do not share the same racial or gender demographics as the previous forty-three presidents. We were excited by his charm. We were excited by his cool. We were excited by his race. More importantly, we were excited by his priorities, his promises, his resolve, and his confidence that he could lead this country into a much brighter, more just, and more united future.

That was then.

Today, I reflect back on the presidency of this man and I am amazed. I’m not particularly amazed by his policies or compromises. But, I am amazed at the cool way he has conducted himself in the face of a country that has shown a very hateful side of itself.

When the ink dries on the pages written about President Barack Obama, the record will reflect the uprisings of Americans that simply had enough. The books will reflect photos of citizens that united against this president, with signs scarred by hate-speech and caricatures of our president with exaggerated lips and ears. And, sadly, somewhere (not just here), a story will be written about the gas station in NC where a staged lynching of our president and other African-American men was put on display for all to see.

I don’t live too far from that gas station.

Today, I feel like me and my family were just threatened. In my head, I hear the voice of some of my more conservative associates reminding me that no law was broken by the person(s) responsible for this display. However, when I consider the intent of the messenger(s) and the history of Black Americans and lynchings in this country, I see this as an act of terror.

I see this as yet another very serious offense that will go unpunished, unexplored, and unquestioned. Why? Because it is not uncommon.

In turn, I’ll look to the current leader of these United States for something I can’t get from a Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. I’ll look to him for an example of how a man could conduct himself in the face of hate. I’ll be cool. I’ll keep my charms. And, I’ll do the terrorists a favor by not being fearful or terrified.


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September 5, 2012 at 10:22 pm

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