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Handling mscorlib.dll System.Threading.ThreadAbortException issue in an ASP.NET application

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I discovered an unhandled System.Threading.ThreadAbortException was being thrown in my ASP.NET application. I was only able to see this issue when running the application in the Visual Studio debugger. The offending code was a seemingly trivial call to Response.Redirect.

When I called Response.Redirect, the thread handling the current response would be aborted. The thread didn’t like being aborted out of the blue like that. The fix is to pass the second parameter to the Response.Redirect method which tells Response.Redirect whether or not it should end the response. Passing in false will cause the Redirect method to fire, but allow the original response thread to execute the code after the call to Response.Redirect. I use a Return statement to avoid unnecessary processing.

Microsoft explains it here:;en-us;312629


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April 8, 2009 at 9:20 am

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